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Hardware and software maintenance, repair, upgrading, installation and optimization.

Operating Systems supported: Windows, and MacOS, Android (smartphones and tablets), ChromeOS, and some Linux.

Devices: Computers, tablets, smartphones, networking and pretty much most computer-related concerns/interests

 Computer Check-Up

Thor Tech Support can tune up your computer to make it fast, clean and secure.

I can check to ensure that

  • The operating system, key software, security/anti-virus software, and hardware drivers are up to date.
  • Security/anti-virus software and programs are working properly
  • Backups are working properly
  • The operating system is applying updates properly
  • Hardware components are working properly


  • Speed up a slowed-down computer
  • Disable programs and services that don't need to be running on startup
  • Remove threats and ad-ware, and programs that are no longer needed
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tips/Tutoring
  • Help find good free or inexpensive alternatives to programs you need.
  • Improve your security against scams and pop-ups on the Internet.
  • Help with questions and issues that you have.

Regular Maintenance
I recommend regular maintenance of your computer(s) - 2 check-ups per year.
Regular maintenance checkups can often catch and fix problems when they are small before they become bigger and more costly to repair.

 Remote Support

For most issues, as long as there is a working Internet connection, I can help remotely. Whether it is to fix an issue, answer questions, or help to show you how to do something, these can be done remotely. This includes regular check-ups.



Thor Tech Support can help with the following:

  • Remove viruses and spyware

  • Post-scam check-up to make sure there is no unwanted software running or unknown remote connections operating, remove malicious software, and to make sure things are all running/set properly.
  • Post-hack help for when an email account has been hacked (or to determine if an email account has been hacked).
  • Repair problems that other family members, friends or a so-called computer expert may have caused

  • Data recovery - restore accidentally deleted files (if not already overwritten), or help access files that have become inaccessible.
  • Password recovery and/or resetting (for user account/operating system, BIOS, and more)
  • Diagnose system failures (hardware and software)

  • Make the computer start up again by repairing corrupted or missing system files or drivers
  • Make necessary repairs

  • Determine if an upgrade is needed or not.

  • Install necessary component upgrades

  • Clean up serious software and hardware problems and get your system working like new again

  • Repair problems with an internet connection, and wireless or non-wireless router



Learn how to get the most out of your computer.

Thor Tech Support can give you in-depth lessons on various computer programs (basics and advanced), from operating systems (Windows), to office suite programs, graphics programs, Internet programs, how to schedule backups, use electronic devices (like digital cameras, recorders) that plug into your computer, show you shortcuts, etc.

This can be short sessions (a few tips once in a while), or longer sessions.



Thor Tech Support can help you determine exactly what you need, source the most suitable and best priced component, and install it.


 Research & Sourcing

Finding you the most suitable system for your needs at the best price1

Buying a new computer can be a daunting task unless you keep up to date on the latest technology and the latest prices at the stores. There are many makes and models and the price range on equivalent systems can vary widely between different stores and even within one store. So, even if you go on-line to a store or in-person, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars more than you need to, and you may end up with something either that doesn't perform as well as you need, or with a system that is far more powerful than you need. 

How do you decide what to get? If you leave it up to the store clerk, you could end up getting a system that satisfies the clerk's commission (or a system that has the highest mark-up for the store)  instead of your needs and budget.

This is where Thor Tech Support can help. I can find out what you need, and then find you the system that best suits your needs at the best price. 

1. Interview

First, I interview you to find out exactly what you need  in a computer and your budget.

2. Research and Sourcing

With this information, I can determine the specifications for the computer you need. Then, I research and source the best-suited computer at the best price. Next,  I'll send you all the information (make, model, price, store, store location and availability information).

Depending on the availability of the system, you can then go pick it up or order it on-line.

And that is what is covered in the fee for Research & Sourcing.

Afterwards, at my regular hourly rate (and any travel fee if applicable), I can come and set it up for you and transfer data from your old system and install programs.

 System Building

Thor Tech Support can custom build a system for you to exactly suit your needs, ensuring quality assembly, and at the right price.

Note, these days, with so many models to chose from, there is usually a model out there that suits your needs. But sometimes, if you have very specific or unique needs, you may need a custom system. Sometimes you may be able to get an available system and then add or upgrade a component. But, sometimes, you may need a totally custom-built system. Either way, I can research, source and build a custom system, or, research and source an available system and component(s) and install the extra/different component(s).



1I source computers and components from national chains/on-line stores/suppliers, as well as from competitive computer shops downtown Toronto.



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