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Thor Tech Support rates are very affordable and very competitive. I have a very low overhead cost, so I pass this savings on to you. (See Better Quality, Lower Prices). Please call or email for a free estimate.

There is a one hour minimum charge for on-site work and drop offs.

Note: if the job involves wait times (waiting for repair scans, virus scans, updating, data recovery scans, data back-up or transfer), this time is included in my labour charge for on-site work. But, these wait times are waived if the computer was dropped off to me.

Taxes - H.S.T. applies to all my labour charges.

There is a travel fee for on-site work that is outside of downtown Toronto. The amount depends on the location.

I accept payment in cash, cheque and e-transfer. Cash only for initial drop-off jobs, payable upon pick-up.

Job Examples

(For details about these job examples, see the Services page)

Computer Check-up
Note: times listed here are for one computer. I do work for offices and where are are a number of computers. Check-up times may vary depending on the circumstances. If I am doing regular (every 6 months) maintenance on computers in an office, check-up time per computer is often only 30 minutes.

- Initial Checkup
On average, an initial check-up on a computer will take about 1-2 hours. These are done either on-site, or you can drop off your computer. Drop offs are usually ready for pick-up within 24 hours.

- Maintenance Checkup

Subsequent checkups are usually about 1 hour or less and can be done on-site, remotely, or you can drop of your computer. I recommend a checkup once every 6 months.

Research & Sourcing
Research & Sourcing of a new laptop computer, netbook, desktop computer, or tablet: 2 hours flat rate (in most cases). For very particular requirements, the fee may be more.

Research & Sourcing of individual peripherals: 1 hour flat fee per item. If in combination with other R&S work, the fees will either be added together, or combined with a discount, depending on the item. R&S work done on a job site during a computer service job, are just billed for the time it takes on the job (not an additional fee).

Emergency - Virus/threat removal
Threat removal generally takes about 2 hours, but can take longer (usually not more than 4 hours) for a very infected computer.

I can usually clean threats from a computer without having to wipe the hard drive. If, in the rare case I need to do this, I will discuss the options with you beforehand, and make sure to back up your data first if need be.

I can do this work on-site, but it is less expensive if you drop the computer off to me.

Emergency - Data Recovery
I can ususally recover data from a hard drive if the drive is accessable. The quality of the data recovered depends on a number of factors relative to the situation. My time is still charged regardless.

Drop off: For most jobs, I usually charge 1 hour.
On-site: Whatever time it takes on the job site.

Remote Support

Remote support is charged per minute and billed at the end of the calendar month. There is a $10 minimum for remote work done during the month.


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