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Making your computer work for you. 

The mission of Thor Tech Support is to provide technical computer support service to you for a reasonable price in order to help you get the most out of your computer. Whether it is software or hardware, Thor Tech Support can tweak your computer for you so it works they way you want and need it to work.

Thor Tech Support can speed up your computer and fix aggravating problems. 

Invest in your time on your computer. You will save time and aggravation by getting your computer cleaned up and tweaked by Thor Tech Support.

 Better Quality, Lower Prices

Services in General

Thor Tech support ...
  • is generally much less expensive
  • has more years of hands-on experience
  • specializes in customizing your software and hardware to work for you
  • is not limited to helping with hardware and software only from certain brands/companies
... when compared to other tech support service companies (like Geek Squad (Best Buy), ETF (Easy Touch Force, Staples Business Depot), Circuit City and other big support (IT) companies).

Purchase Consulting - Helping You Buy A Computer

Thor Tech Support
  • can generally find you a lower priced computer with better quality components (which means you save money and your computer lasts longer)
  • can fully configure your software. Thor Tech Support can make the necessary updates, configure the software to your needs, and install and configure security software (that you won't have to keep paying for). Most stores and computer companies only install the operating system and also some unnecessary software (which often slows down the system).
When you get Thor Tech Support to find you a computer, you get a lower price, better quality, and a more complete and customized installation (when compared to buying a computer through a big-named store or on-line computer company)

For more details, check out the Services page.


I had an old Pentium II system and the motherboard died. Thor Tech Support custom upgraded my computer to an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ system in Jan. 2005 and everything still works great – games, Internet, etc. I also have TTS do regular maintenance visits to make sure my programs and security stay up to date and that nothing is going wrong. I get a lot of useful tips out of the visits too.
- Tamara Johnston, Toronto ON

Thor, Just a little note expressing my appreciation on the work you have done on my computer. You have done an amazing job ,cleaning up all the little problems I have had over the past few years. I would recommend you to anybody that needed work done,no matter what the problem is---------- Thank you.
      - Ron Rinneard, Barrie ON

My name is Maribelle Lebre and I am a small business owner.
The nature of my work is such that I depend heavily on having a functioning computer - I communicate with most of my clientele on line, I do my own web design, all my accounting is on my computer and I design my own marketing materials on my computer. Having a functioning computer = having a functioning business.

Recently my computer was infected with a virus that slipped through my anti-virus software. This caused me no small amount of anxiety as the last time this happened I was effectively shut down for a few days (which cost me a fair amount of business I cannot attach a dollar value to).

Literally, the day after this happened and I realized I could not remove the virus myself, I received an email from Thor informing me that he was doing tech support work. I immediately emailed him asking if he could help me with my problem.
Thor arrived at my studio and went well above and beyond my expectations. Not only did he rid my computer of this virus, but he also came equipped with software that would help me work with my computer more efficiently. He even took the time to optimize my computer's functions so that I would not have to wait as long for it to boot up, and educated me on some new software.

Whether you are an entrepreneur like myself who NEEDS their computer to run efficiently or you are strictly a domestic user using their computer for fun, Thor is an efficient problem solver and an ethical service provider - he will not take advantage of you.

- Maribelle Lebre
Proprietor of Stargazer Studios and J&B Aftercare

I heard about Thor Tech Support through a friend. It was convenient timing as I was having no end of problems with my computer. I got in touch with Thor and set up a time for him to come by. He explained what he was doing and asked me questions to ensure that I had what I needed and didn’t have anything I really didn’t need. The computer now runs faster and more efficiently than it has in ages! His rate was extremely reasonable, too. A few days later, when I e-mailed him a couple of new questions, he responded immediately. He’s now helping find a laptop that will perform all my required tasks. Working with Thor has been easy. He explains everything in a way that I can understand and is very good at thinking of all the things that would never occur to me.

- Angela, Toronto ON

Thor has provided us, a senior couple, with computer technical support for years, especially since 1998 when one of us first began using a computer and both of us began using email and the internet. He's helped us select equipment and software to meet our needs, and has obtained several useful programs for us through the Internet. He's fixed hardware and software problems, and in some cases has provided detailed instructions by email for overcoming difficulties. He has installed, and kept updated, many programs, ranging from games and email to word processors and spreadsheets, and has made sure our computers were properly protected by anti-virus programs etc. We are happy to recommend the services of Thor Tech Support.

- Dan, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe County, ON


I've been using, tweaking, building and fixing computers since 1990. Right from the start, when things annoyed me, I figured out how to make improvements. I've been exploring and experimenting ever since. I research, almost daily, how to do things better on a computer as well keep up to date on new computer technology and software. 

Most of my education in computers has been personal research and hands-on work. When I ran my own magazine for a few years in the early 1990s, I taught myself word processing, graphics and layout programs (as well as how to set up and fix my computer). I've also been fortunate to have a friend who is a highly skilled computer technician help me out off and on in the past. While I have worked at different office jobs over the years (mainly administrative/management positions), I've often been the go-to guy for quick computer fixes and tips when the IT guys weren't around. I have an Honours certificate in Audio Electronics and Production from George Brown College in Toronto (which gives me knowledge in basic electronic repair work). I have successfully built, fixed and configured numerous computers over the years. And, I have written manuals on various computer procedures.

To me, configuring a computer and software to run smoothly, annoyance-free, quickly and securely is an art. I enjoy tweaking a system to bring out its full potential. No one should have to experience difficulties with their computers when they don't have to. A well-tuned computer can enable you to do so many wonderful things.

These are the skills, experiences and frame of mind I bring to the job of computer support.

- Thor Williams

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